Value Driven Professionals of the Not-For-Profit Sector

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Philanthropy Advisors  offer a tailored range of services to ensure that philanthropic aspirations become practicable and meaningful. They act as an intermediary, and  pledge accountability, good management and sound ethical standards for all philanthropic investments by building a strong bond between the philanthropist and beneficiaries, thereby enhancing mutual understanding and long-term partnership.  For more information,

Woodseer Consulting worked with Philanthropy Advisors to support UBS Optimus Foundation in setting up a rapid response fund focused on access to care and services for children in emergency situations. Woodseer Consulting provided technical advice on child health during complex ...

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In 1999, in the wake of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, MSF launched the Access Campaign. Its purpose has been to push for access to, and the development of life-saving and life prolonging medicines, diagnostic tests and vaccines for patients in MSF programmes and beyond.
Médecins Sans Frontières launched the Access Campaign to alert the world about the desperate need to improve the medical tools at our and others' disposal. For more information please visit:

Woodseer Consulting provided services to define an international consultative process for the Acces Campain three year strategic plan including the production of an online survey, of various interview guidelines and of reporti...

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The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations Programme, that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It is one of the members of the United Nations Development Group and its Executive Committee. UNICEF has country offices in more than 200 countries including Malasyia. F0r more information (or donations0 about UNICEF, please visit

Woodseer Consulting provided facilitation services to help set common goals for operations, communication and fundraising as well as policy research document  on children with disabilities in Malaysia.

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The Regional Emerging Diseases Intervention (REDI) Center is a research and training organization founded Singapore and the United States to enhance the region’s capability and capacity to deal with emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases such as avian influenza and SARS. REDI Center is chartered in Singapore as an Intergovernmental Organization. For more information about REDI Center please visit their website.

In August 2010, Woodseer Management Consulting was approach by the REDI Center to strengthen their team for a project financed by the US Department of Defense. This project is a thorough analysis of the capacity of 8 countries in South East Asia to respond to Biological Threats whether intentional such as terrorist attacks or n...