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By: woodseer | October 15, 2011

Holistic Arogya is a one stop natural healing centre situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their aim is to worked closely with clients to help create a healthy balance in their lifestyles using varied and time-tested natural and holistic therapies ranging from Colon Hydrotherapy to in-depth detoxification programmes coupled with nutritional consultations. To know more about Arogya Holistic Centre, click here.

Arogya Holisitc Care is a very successful small business that had to manage its growth and was confronted with multiple choices and conflicting growth priorities. Woodseer Management Consulting has help them elaborate a business plan, reorganized their structure with the allocation of  tasks to specific staff and help them pr...

By: woodseer | October 09, 2011

The MSF Operational Center OCBA is mostly composed of the Greek and Spanish sections of MSF. Based in Barcelona and Athens, OCBA is one of the five MSF operational centers that runs medical operations across the world and it is the smallest of the five. More information about this too sections is available at MSF Spain and MSF Greece.

As a continuation of our work in October 2009 where we drafted a vision paper on the development of OCBA into an international operational network, Woodseer Management Consulting was approach by the management of OCBA to develop a management structure and operational planning process for this operational network.

By: woodseer | December 10, 2010

The Safe Clinic is a new and unique organisation supporting the HIV/AIDS response in Malaysia.  As the only Community Clinic in Kuala Lumpur offering low cost sexual health and HIV/AIDS medical services to the Most at Risk Populations (MARPS) .  These invaluable services include anonymous HIV/AIDS and STI counselling, screening and treatment  as well as HIV treatment and care.

Woodseer Management Consulting has provided specific business and management advises to the Directors of the Safe Clinic from its onset, and has been specifically commissioned to write up fund-raising proposal and fundraising management support on an ongoing basis.

By: woodseer | October 10, 2010

Since its creation in 1981, MSF Switzerland has become one of the most dynamic divisions of the MSF Movement and it has had continuous growth in the last 7 years. It is now the leading division in the Operation Centre in Geneva, one of the five MSF operational centres globally.  It oversees MSF work in about 40 countries around the world - for more information about MSF Swiss, please check their website.

In October 2010, Woodseer Management Consulting was asked to conduct a review of the MSF Switzerland management model to identify areas (process - system - people) where changes and improvement could be planned and implemented quickly to streamline its functionality. The study was carried out using an adaptation of the the Total Quality Man...

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By: woodseer | February 10, 2010

PT Foundation strives to be the most effective community-based organization providing information, education and care services relating to HIV/AIDS and sexuality in Malaysia, working with the 5 communities that are most affected by HIV in Malaysia.

PT Foundation is the largest community based organization working with the communities most affected by HIV in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 1987, PT Foundation has been developing and running programmes to serve the following communities:

  • Positive Living Programme

  • Drug Users

  • Sex Workers

  • Transgenders

  • Men-who-have-Sex with Men (MSM)

More information about PT is available on their website.

Woodseer Management Consulting has been providing ongoing support to PT foundation as part of our voluntary engag...

By: woodseer | April 13, 2009

SKYTREX Adventure provides an organized outdoor ‘eco-recreational cum educational’ activity which will take the participants from tree to tree via series of aerial obstacles suspended at 3 meters to 22 meters in the air. It is an amazing way to discover the rain forest and we loved working with the young team of directors that created this incredible and fun place in KL. Check their website here: Skytrex Adventure

We assisted this expanding company in establishing their administrative and booking support structure. Our work included strategic planning as well as the implementation of part of the business plan such as  recruitment of staff, set up of administrative and financial procedures, set up of management charts, multimedia marketing an...