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By: woodseer | September 03, 2013

Over the last decade, Mercy Malaysia has blossomed to become a world leading south based humanitarian INGO, with teams sent to disaster-stricken zones and programmes rolled out in various countries and in different disasters. As a registered society under the Societies Act in Malaysia, MERCY Malaysia has over 500 members and is supported by approximately 5,000 registered volunteers to date. For more information and donations, please check their website: Mercy Malaysia

Woodseer Management Consulting is supporting Mercy's fundraising and communication departments with business planning, fund-raising strategy and implementation. Since the beginning of 2012, we are focusing on helping Mercy Malaysia to develop a fundraising campaign to attract t...

By: woodseer | October 14, 2012


PKBI and FPOP are long established reproductive health organization in Indonesia and the Philippines. Both organizations are  nationwide organizations of professional and community-based volunteers. They have chapters in many provinces or rations across their countries. They provide reproductive health services and inform and educate communities about SRHR, especially the poor, marginalized, socially excluded and undeserved.  Information about these two fantastic organizations can be found here:

In Indonesia, Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (PKBI):

In the Philippines, Family Planning Organizations of the Philippines (FPOP):

Under a program finance by IPPF, Woodseer Consulting contributed to h...

By: woodseer | July 08, 2012

IPPF is a worldwide movement providing reproductive health and family planning services in over 180 countries. IPPF ESEAOR, based in Kuala Lumpur is the regional office of IPPF for East, South East Asia and Oceania. It covers a population of 2 billions through a network of member  associations in 22 countries.

IPPF believes that sexual and reproductive rights should be guaranteed for every one because they are basic human right. Woodseer Management Consulting is proud to be associated to such a great and worthy cause. More information on IPPF ESEAOR is available on their website.

Woodseer Management Consulting provided support and coaching to the resource mobilization team of IPPF ESEAOR to develop a three year strategy for resource mobilizat...

By: woodseer | December 10, 2010

The Safe Clinic is a new and unique organisation supporting the HIV/AIDS response in Malaysia.  As the only Community Clinic in Kuala Lumpur offering low cost sexual health and HIV/AIDS medical services to the Most at Risk Populations (MARPS) .  These invaluable services include anonymous HIV/AIDS and STI counselling, screening and treatment  as well as HIV treatment and care.

Woodseer Management Consulting has provided specific business and management advises to the Directors of the Safe Clinic from its onset, and has been specifically commissioned to write up fund-raising proposal and fundraising management support on an ongoing basis.

By: woodseer | February 10, 2010

PT Foundation strives to be the most effective community-based organization providing information, education and care services relating to HIV/AIDS and sexuality in Malaysia, working with the 5 communities that are most affected by HIV in Malaysia.

PT Foundation is the largest community based organization working with the communities most affected by HIV in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since 1987, PT Foundation has been developing and running programmes to serve the following communities:

  • Positive Living Programme

  • Drug Users

  • Sex Workers

  • Transgenders

  • Men-who-have-Sex with Men (MSM)

More information about PT is available on their website.

Woodseer Management Consulting has been providing ongoing support to PT foundation as part of our voluntary engag...