Value Driven Professionals of the Not-For-Profit Sector

By: woodseer | July 08, 2012

IPPF is a worldwide movement providing reproductive health and family planning services in over 180 countries. IPPF ESEAOR, based in Kuala Lumpur is the regional office of IPPF for East, South East Asia and Oceania. It covers a population of 2 billions through a network of memberĀ  associations in 22 countries.

IPPF believes that sexual and reproductive rights should be guaranteed for every one because they are basic human right. Woodseer Management Consulting is proud to be associated to such a great and worthy cause. More information on IPPF ESEAOR is available on their website.

Woodseer Management Consulting provided support and coaching to the resource mobilization team of IPPF ESEAOR to develop a three year strategy for resource mobilization. Following the approval of the strategy by IPPF management, IPPF has confirmed theirĀ  trust in our services by reappointing Woodseer Consulting to help organize and facilitate resource mobilization strategic meetings in four member associations in the region. Our collaboration with IPPF started in 2011 and is planned to continue till the end of the 2012.