Value Driven Professionals of the Not-For-Profit Sector

Who are we?

Hands-on, practical and pragmatic are often the terms that our clients use to best described our collaboration with them. Our team of consultants are former relief or development workers who have done the job before. This give us a unique perspective. We enjoy sharing that experiences with your organisation but we will keenly wet our shirts with your teams if that is what is required.

We have learned that true commitment to beneficiaries comes with strong personal and organisational values and principles. Values have to be at the center of our work.

This is why our consultants have a unique take on management and organisational development that we are happy to bring to you.

Woodseer Consulting is a brand name of Woodseer Resources Sdn Bhd that is incorporated and domiciled in Malaysia. Woodseer Consultants are based in different regions of the world.