Value Driven Professionals of the Not-For-Profit Sector

Our Consultants

They are exceptional people who have worked in exceptional circumstances, where a can-do attitude is the only option available.

Liza Gragg is a principal consultant and M&E lead consultant

Liza is a professional consultant with more than nine years in senior public health and urban regeneration roles in the UK. She has worked more than seven years in senior positions in the non for profit sector, including management positions in complex and high security contexts. 

She has an extensive consultancy experience and is able to work with organisations and partnerships to develop solutions to complex social issues involving multiple stakeholders. Liza is also a visiting lecturer ar the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines for the last four years.

She has extensive experience of developing, implementing and reviewing strategies and projects that seek to improve the health and security of vulnerable populations. 

Her interests include inequalities in health, health in low income countries, services for survivors of sexual violence, primary care, urban development and emergency preparedness and response. She has excellent communication skills and is able to write for a range of audiences, including senior policy makers, clinicians and academics.


Liza's introduction  

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Joel De Mesa is a senior consultant 

Joel is an endearing and energetic trainer/fac ilitator who is able to build a common goal, communicate it effectively to participants and navigate a learner-centered process to achieve the objectives.


An innovative, flexible and fun facilitator, he always creates learning opportunities for full and meaningful participation, and makes sure that participants leave the workshop feeling better about themselves – personally and professionally. 

He is very comfortable working with different kinds of people with a wide range of backgrounds and guiding them through a learner-centered process that is both results and relationship oriented.Through this, he challenges participants to confront their personal attitudes and identify what this means for their work. Facilitating can include curriculum development.


He has both the skills and experience to add value in the areas of sexuality and gender, sexual and reproductive health, HIV & AIDS, LGBTIQ work, stigma and discrimination.

Without doubt, training is Joel’s core expertise. He has been organizing training, including training of trainers, since 1998. Although his focus is mostly on HIV & Aids and sexuality, he has applied his training skills to other areas such as counseling, peer education, gender, staff development, strategic planning or focus group facilitation. 

Joel is the referent on training issues within the Woodseer group of consultants.


Joel has been working on program development for HIV & AIDS, MSM and Transgender Organizations for 11 years. This involved technical support to strengthen MSM and Transgender organizations and build their capacities to implement program activities in the area of training, peer education and advocacy.